Sason's Website

I write articles to learn something I did not know yesterday. By no means am I an expert; I just love to learn.

This website is a place to share my knowledge, experience, and projects using deep learning, computer vision, and reinforcement learning. Through writing these articles, I will find my passion of utilizing computer vision to create positive impacts for all.

I hope you can learn a thing or two from my journey.


23/08/2022 - ToonVision - Multiclass classification
14/08/2022 - Performance measures for classification problems
27/07/2022 - Hyperparameter optimization: KerasTuner & TensorBoard
04/07/2022 - ToonVision - Binary entity classification
08/06/2022 - Introduction to Keras and TensorFlow
09/05/2022 - Mathematical building blocks of neural networks
22/04/2022 - What is deep learning?
25/01/2022 - Minimax with pruning in Mancala